Formerly International Journal of Basic and Applied Agricultural Research

Influence of financial inclusion on financial literacy a study in rural Tamil Nadu

Pantnagar Journal of Research, Volume - 17, Issue - 2 ( May-August, 2019)

Published: 2019-08-01

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This study has assessed the influence of financial inclusion on financial literacy among the rural households of Tamil Nadu based on the data collected from 640 respondents during the year 2018. The study used the components of financial literacy attitude, financial behaviour and financial knowledgeas dependent variables and financial inclusion as an independent variable. One way Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) was employed to investigate the differences among dependent and independent variables. When MANOVA was executed to investigate financial inclusion differences in financial literacy, the study have found a statistically significant impact of financial inclusion on the combined dependent variable. When the dependent variables were considered separately, the results have shown that financial inclusion has a significant impact on all the components of financial literacy.

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