Formerly International Journal of Basic and Applied Agricultural Research

Analysis of Morpho-Agronomic Variation and Genetic Divergence of French Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Mid Hills of Uttarakhand

Pantnagar Journal of Research, Volume - 21, Issue - 1 ( January - April, 2023)

Published: 2023-04-30

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For parental selection in crop development initiatives, genetic diversity knowledge is crucial. In a randomized block design, 24 French bean genotypes, including the control variety (Lakshmi), were planted in the Kharif of 2018 and their genetic differentiation for 16 cultivation traits was assessed. All of the analysed characteristics exhibited a wide range of variation in experimental outcomes. The 100-seed weight was found to have significant genotypic and phenotypic coefficient of variation (GCV and PCV), with the number of days to first harvest being the lowest. Heritability is correlated with high heritability estimates. This indicates that these traits are under additive genetic influence and are more trustworthy for efficient selection. It was found to be high for seed yield per plot and lowest for days at 50% germination. The number of days before the first harvest and the length of the fruit were positively and significantly associated with yield at both genotype and phenotypic levels, according to correlation analysis, which also showed that the rind was established at pod maturity. Genotypic pathway factor analysis revealed that the days of first flowering, days of germination, seed yield per plot, fruit length, days until first harvest, 100-seed weight, number of primary seeds, branches per plant, pod set to pod maturity, and average pod weight had the most favourable direct effects on yield per plant

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