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All Projects are funded by I.C.A.R.
ProjectProgram Coordinator
AICRP on Wheat & BarleyDr. J.P. Jaiswal
AICRP on RiceDr. S.N. Tewari
AICRP on MaizeDr. R.P. Singh
AICRP on SorghumDr. Y. Singh
AICRP on Agronomic Research (IFS)Dr. Rohitashav Singh
AICRP on MULLARPDr. Ramesh Chandra
AICRP on Chick PeaDr. Ramesh Chandra
AICRP on Pigeon PeaDr. Ramesh Chandra
AICRP on SoybeanDr. Kamendra Singh
AICRP on SugarcaneDr. A.S.Jeena
AICRP on VegetableDr. D.K. Singh
AICRP on PotatoDr. Shailbala
AICRP on FruitsDr. A.K. Singh
AICRP on Seed Technology ResearchDr. Omvati Verma
AICRP on Soil Test with Crop Response Dr. Ajay Srivastava
AICRP on Long Term FertilizerDr. Shri Ram
AICRP on Micro-Secondary NutrientDr. P.C. Srivastava
AICRP on AgroforestryDr. Salil Kumar Tiwari
AICRP on FloricultureDr. Ajit Kumar
AICRP on Forage CropsDr. Mahindra Singh Pal
AICRP on MushroomDr. S.K. Mishra
AICRP on Irrigation & Water Management Dr. Yogendra Kumar
AICRP on Weed ControlDr. Virendra P. Singh
AICRP on Biological ControlDr. Roopali Sharma
AICRP on Cattle-Sahiwal (Data Recording)Dr. Shive Kumar
AICRP on Cattle-Freshwal Field Progeny UnitDr. C. B. Singh
AICRP on Rapeseed MustardDr. A.K. Tewari
AICRP on Goat ImprovementDr. R.K. Sharma
AICRP on Breeder Seed ProductionDr. M.K. Nautiyal
AICRP on Honey BeeDr. Pramod Mall


ProjectProgram Coordinator
Network Project on Organic FarmingDr. D.K. Singh
Seed Production in Agricultural Crops (Field Crops)Dr. V.P. Singh
Monitoring of drug residues and environmental pollutants Dr. A.H. Ahmad
Outreach Programme on Ethno-Veterinary MedicineDr. S.K. Shukla
Outreach Programme on Zoonotic DiseasesDr. A.K. Upadhayay
All India Network Project on Pesticide ResiduesDr. Anjana Srivastava