Formerly International Journal of Basic and Applied Agricultural Research

Durrieweaving-Resurgence through contemporary use

Pantnagar Journal of Research, Volume - 17, Issue - 2 ( May-August, 2019)

Published: 2019-08-01

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Weaving, an inherent urge in the humans, has been traditionally linked with the lives of people. It is an age old practice, probably the oldest and certainly one of the most universally practiced crafts. In Punjab, the tradition of weavingdurriesis the exclusive preserve of women. A girl was taught to weave by older women of the household her mother, grandmother, paternal aunt or sister, at a very young age. They continued practicingdurrieweaving at home during their leisure time. It helped to generate income to some of them. It is also a very flexible cottage industry as a manufacturer can be as small as he wants to be. In the light of aforesaid situation, a study was undertaken for the development of contemporary products from durries. For this,durrieswere designed using sixteen traditional motifs. These designs were developed on Computer Aided Designing (CAD) with three colour combinations. Monochromatic colour scheme for cushion cover / pillow cover, neutral colours for table runner, black with cream colour for wall hanging and gradation of grey colour for tray were the most preferred, with WMS 2.97, 2.83, 2.97 and 3.00 respectively. All these developed products were assessed for cost effectiveness. The cost of these products ranged between Rs 130/- to Rs 345/-. These contemporary products can help to revive the traditional craft ofdurrieweaving.

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