Formerly International Journal of Basic and Applied Agricultural Research

Effect of transplanting date on incidence of insect pests of rice

Pantnagar Journal of Research, Volume - 21, Issue - 2 ( May-August 2023)

Published: 2023-10-03

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The current research on effect of planting date on the occurrence of insect pests of rice was conducted during kharif 2020 at the Norman E. Borlaug Crop Research Centre, G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar. The damage caused by sucking pests is either more or less similar in normal and late plantings or the most damage was recorded in late planting. It was observed that early planting gives suitable conditions for the crop and manage the insect population, the damage due to sucking pests is either found more or less similar in normal and late plantings or maximum damage was recorded in late planting. It was found that early planting (30 June) reduced the incidence of insect pest in rice as compared to normal (15 July) and late planting (30 July) crops. The incidence of yellow stem borer, leaf folder, rice hispa, whorl maggot, brown plant hopper, white backed plant hopper and gundhi bug was low in early sown crop with the exception of green leaf hopper which had the minimum overall population during normal planting and high damage is seen in early planting as compared to others. The pre-harvest data and yield analysis shows significantly low white ear heads of rice with high yield (42.68 qha-1) in early planted crop as compared to timely (15.38 qha-1) and late sown crop (3.48 qha-1). There was significant difference among the yield recorded in early, normal and late transplanted crop.

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